A colonoscopy can leave many patients with a massive food craving. Here's what some Star Tribune readers and Facebook followers craved after their procedures:

• Richard Hadley, St. Louis Park: "Pancakes!"

• Deb Balzer, Minneapolis: "A big fat rare hamburger. Felt like I needed the protein! Or that's my excuse, but it was what I wanted along with a milkshake."

• Gavin Winter, Pipestone, Minn.: "I am 30 years old and have Crohn's disease so I have regular colonoscopies. I almost always opt for Arby's or sushi, depending on time and post-procedural fogginess. Arby's — healthy? Maybe not, but hey, I feel I earned it."

• Danny Brustad, Plummer, Minn.: "Pizza Hut Supreme Pan was my ticket. But the peanut butter and jelly toast and coffee served in recovery was pretty tasty, too."

• Co-worker Kristin Tillotson: "A hot dog, natch. The thing that gives you colon cancer. My guy brought me one as I was checking out, and I made woozy nummy noises as I wolfed it down."

Bill Ward