Getting to know Nick Kosevich, bartender extraordinaire and co-founder of Bittercube. We asked about his favorite ...

Thing to drink: Whatever’s in my hand.

But seriously: An old-fashioned.

Place to drink: Marvel Bar.

Dive bar: Schooner Tavern.

Thing to drink there: A shot of Jim Beam and a Miller High Life.

Thing to drink at home: Wine. I love pink bubbles. Of all the liquids, that is my favorite to drink. In a mug. While wearing a bathrobe. But I make [wife] Allison cocktails. She really likes the research and development runoff.

TV show: “Cake Boss.”

Place to eat: Zen Box Izakaya.

Thing to eat there: The tonkotsu ramen; add sweet corn. I think that’s actually the best ramen I’ve ever had.

Hobby: Building rockets, biking and fishing with my son [12-year-old Owen].

Place to bartend: Lawless [Distilling]. I love the ambience. It’s dark and the music is loud and there’s no B.S.; there’s just a level of freedom.

If you were a drink, what would you be? I think I have multiple personalities. I could be the Happy Birthday drink or I could be a shot of Fernet[-Branca]. I think most people would say I’m amaro [an Italian herbal liqueur] — bitter and slightly sweet.