WCCO Radio host Jordana Green announced Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with leukemia and is getting treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

Green, a station personality since 2012, shared the news with listeners by calling into the afternoon show she co-hosts with Paul Douglas.

Douglas kicked off the segment by announcing they had some "heartbreaking" news.

"Gosh, sunshine. You sound so grim," Green told Douglas from her cellphone in Rochester. "I'm not dead yet."

Green, 46, who previously was a TV anchor at WFTC, Ch. 29, went into detail about how she went to a clinic for bloodwork last week after a period of feeling tired and spotting bruises on her legs. She was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), a form of leukemia usually found in children.

She was scheduled to undergo her first round of chemotherapy Tuesday afternoon and said it was likely it would be followed by several more rounds and a bone-marrow transplant.

Green, who has three teenagers and is married to Aviv 613 Vodka founder Marc Grossfield, said she was thankful for the supportive words she has received so far.

"I feel like crap everyday, but I am forever filled with gratitude," she said. Douglas said that the show will continue to be open for updates on Green's progress when she's feeling up to it.

"Your work ethic and big heart will carry you through this," he told his partner.