JAN. 19

Suspicious activity. Someone in the 15000 block of Afton Hills Drive reported receiving a telephone call informing them that their computer was going to crash. The complainant hung up but wanted the incident documented.


JAN. 21

Animal concern. A yellow Lab was found loose alongside the road in the area of Manning Avenue and 102nd Street.


JAN. 18

Suspicious people. Three juveniles were reported walking in the area of Wildwood Road and Old Wildwood Road at 3:30 a.m. A deputy found the group and took them home.

JAN. 20

Passing on shoulder. A deputy pulled over a tall work van he observed pass a vehicle making a left-hand turn on the shoulder in the 3300 block of Century Avenue. The driver of the van told the deputy he knew why he was pulled over but asked why he didn’t stop the vehicle in front of him that had done the same thing. The deputy told the driver he couldn’t pull over two vehicles at the same time. The driver, who said he’d seen it done before, was given a citation.


JAN. 12

Assist public. An officer was sent to the area of 7th Street and Grafton Avenue at 1 a.m. on a report that something had fallen from the sky. The officer found nothing suspicious.

JAN. 13

Animal complaint. A resident in the 4600 block of Hale Avenue asked if police would provide a small live trap to catch a chipmunk they believed was living inside their home. They were advised police don’t have any traps and don’t trap wild animals.

JAN. 15

Road hazard. Someone called police concerned about the safety of two people working in reflective vests every morning in the 6600 block of 40th Street. The caller thought the situation was particularly dangerous because the road curves in that area.


JAN. 22

Suspicious findings. A garbage bag filled with animal remains, determined to be from a dog, was found in the area of Henna Court and Viking Drive.


JAN. 22

Leaky load. Trucks hauling in the area of St. Croix Trail and Scandia Trail were reported losing rocks from their loads and creating safety hazards for other drivers. A complainant told authorities their air bag went off after hitting a rock. The trucking company agreed to check with their drivers to see what was causing the problem.


JAN. 22

Suspicious occurrence. A resident in the 10000 block of Penfield Avenue Circle reported a man knocked on her front door and went around to the back of the house when she didn’t answer. A deputy determined the man was a meter reader based on footprints that indicated he stopped and knelt down at the meter.


JAN. 11

Stolen license plates. Police received a call from someone reporting their license plates had been stolen. The complainant was advised his plates were impounded due to previous alcohol violations.

JAN. 14

Suspicious incident. The owner of a recently purchased vehicle in the 6800 block of Lake Terrace reported it smelled like marijuana. The owner said she does not smoke marijuana and her mother is the only other person who occasionally drives the vehicle. An officer noted a mild odor of marijuana in the vehicle and advised the owner to have it detailed and not allow anyone else to drive it.

Items are selected from reports made to police departments and are not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of crime.