Nashville - The Vikings' kicker missed three field goals and an extra point in all, if you count a kick that was wiped out by a timeout. The Vikings' offense didn't produce a touchdown and looked stuck in knee-deep mud when it tried to run the ball.

The Vikings' season opener was rarely pretty but it was better than last year's because the Vikings, for all of their problems, wound up easing to a 25-16 victory over what has been and may still be a lousy Titans team.

The defense scored two second-half touchdowns and Blair Walsh wound up producing three field goals and the final score will ease the concerns that surfaced as the Titans took a 10-0 halftime lead.

This game offered a reminder that whatever this team's quarterback and kicking situations are at any given point, this is a team that wins with defense and while limiting offensive mistakes.

Shaun Hill isn't much fun to watch but he didn't throw an interception, didn't fumble, and was able to work over the middle of the Titans' defense effectively enough to give his team a chance to win. Under the circumstances he performed admirably and justified Mike Zimmer's decision to wait a week (presumably) to start Sam Bradford.

Had the Vikings faced a better team on Sunday they may have been in trouble. But they didn't. And unlike last year, they faced a bad team in Week 1 and actually won.