We Vikings fans don't express us selves so good.

In online fan postings for NFL teams, our grammar stinked and our spelling was abismal … abbysmil … really bad.

Compared with the other teams in our division — the Packers, Bears and Lions — we're last in terms of grammar usage and spelling. In fact, we're near the bottom for the entire league.

But it gets worse: Green Bay Packer fans are among the best — No. 2 in the league. And Detroit Lions fans are No. 1. Chicago Bear fans are a respectable 10th, while Vikings followers are an embarrassing 26th out of 32 teams.

We can thank — or blame — the online proofreading service Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) for pointing out our deficiencies. The company ran analyses of the part of each team's website where fans can post comments. (For those into the math, the study included 150 fan postings at each site, with the postings needing to be at least 50 words.) Grammarly counted the grammatical errors and misspellings and calculated an average number of errors made in each 100 words.

The sloppiest posters were Washington Redskin fans, who averaged 16.5 mistakes. They were so bad that they opened up a huge gap over the second worst tally, New Orleans Saints at 12.4. Vikes fans averaged 11.4. To give our rivals their due, Detroit's average was 4.2, Green Bay's 5.1 and Chicago's 6. The league average was 9.9.

Keep in mind that it was just a month ago that we were bragging about being named the most literate city in the country. Gess we put one over on they! □