The Traveler: Lisa Novak of Plymouth

Takakkaw Falls spills into the Yoho River in British Columbia's Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies. Amid a landscape of beauties, the waterfall grabs attention. At 1,244 feet, it is the second tallest in Canada. Glacial silt lends the river a milky appearance. Novak accentuated that aspect in this photo by setting her Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera with a 0.8-second exposure, which gave the water a silky appearance. "As you drive up the valley to the waterfall you get little glimpses of the river and the waterfall along the way and the excitement and anticipation builds," Novak wrote in an e-mail. She added, "Takakkaw is a Cree word meaning wonderful or magnificent. As we walked to the base of the falls we could hear the faint sound of music. To our delight, there were two bagpipers playing there, serenading us as we stood in the mist enjoying the thunderous falls. Truly wonderful!"

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