Adrian Peterson turns 32 years old on March 21. Out here in the real world, age may be just a number. But in the NFL, 32 is ancient.

Yeah, about that — Adrian Peterson doesn't care. At all. See for yourself:

He's intent on plowing over perceptions and doubts — whether they come from you, me or more important, NFL coaches and general managers.

Indeed, Peterson is in prove-it mode these days. The Vikings aren't exercising the option on his bloated $18 million contract. He ended the 2016 season with a disappointing comeback attempt following an earlier knee surgery.

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But he's stubborn and has an ego that isn't about to let him end his career on that note. He'll have to swallow his pride and accept a contract that bears no resemblance to his last one in Minnesota. It doesn't look like the deals of any other running backs in the league, either. Maybe the Buccaneers or Raiders will satisfy him. It could be any team. Even the Vikings could be in play again.

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Whatever the case, whatever the team, A.P. is here to let you know he's not a washed-up old-timer hanging on to once was. Let the video tell you the rest.