“Duck Dynasty” is a huge hit in Mississippi, California wants to keep up with its Kardashians and most of the Midwest wants to settle down with “The Bachelor.”

Using Google Trends and no viewership data whatsoever, CableTV.com broke down the reality TV love state-by-state.

In Minnesota, “The Bachelor” reigns supreme, followed by “Hoarders” and “Project Runway,” while our neighbors to the east like “Dancing With the Stars.”

Do these reality shows reflect reality?


CableTV.com concluded that states prefer shows that align with regional interests. The site also included data about each state to provide context for the kinds of people who are watching each show.

“Minnesota ranks second in high school graduates,” CableTVcom staffer Kaz Weida wrote. “All of them apparently eager to find their perfect match and settle down with ‘The Bachelor.’”

Some of the results aren’t surprising. Nevada bets big on the Las Vegas-set “Pawn Stars.” Washington power players can’t get enough of “The Apprentice.” Utah residents love their “Sister Wives.”

The show that was named the favorite in the most states? “Hoarders.” Apparently people love to watch people who keep a messier house than themselves. Or, maybe seeing mummified cats inspires us to get off the couch and clean up.

The reality TV breakdown in some other states defies assumptions. In Alaska, residents are tuning into “America’s Got Talent.” Not even they can stand the slew of Alaskan reality shows about bush people, fishing and mining for gold.

“Naked and Afraid” is popular in three of the most conservative states: Oklahoma, South Carolina and Wyoming.

If you are skeptical about your state’s favorite show, you’re not alone. We knew something was seriously off about these findings when we saw that South Dakota’s favorite reality show is “John and Kate Plus 8.” When is the last time that show was on the air? How can it be No. 1 anywhere? Are they watching it on VHS, too?

That said, reality TV is frequently regarded as the junk food of television programming, so maybe there’s no real winner at all.