Would you rather see Lenny Kravitz, the Fray or Interpol open for U2's sold-out TCF Bank Stadium show on June 27?

If you answered the Fray or Kravitz a) your wish won't come true, and b) you really need to go buy Interpol's "Antics" album. U2's website is now listing New York's great Joy Division-echoing quartet next to the Minneapolis date, as well as Chicago and several more. Kravitz and the Fray each picked up a few shows apiece, too. I'd definitely say we got the lucky end of that one. Interpol is a surprisingly powerful live act, and it'll be fresh off a rather lengthy hiatus stretched out by frontman Paul Banks' solo album last year. Hopefully, there won't be a lot of opening-night glitches at the new stadium that leave many of us out parking our cars or waiting in lines during the opening set, as has been the case at some of the Gophers games (although, that's partly why they waited until this year to do a concert there, to work out the kinks).