Of late, Shelly Madore has run for something every two years.

In 2004, the Apple Valley Democrat ran against GOP Rep. Llyod Cybart and lost by about 200 votes. She tried again in 2006 and beat Cybart by 200 votes. Two years later, Madore lost her seat to well-funded Republican challenger Tara Mack.

Now she's decided to run for the U.S. House against Republican Rep. John Kline.

"I think it is time for us to have a real honest discussion with the voters," she said. "It's time that somebody is able to call John Kline on policy."

She particularly highlighted transportation, health care and Afghanistan as policies on which she'd differ with Kline.

Madore said she's been assembling her campaign team and plans to meet with Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee staffers when they are in town this week.

She said she'll have an official kick-off in January.

Dan Powers, a Democratic building contractor, said he would run against Kline last month.



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