'Little America'

The second season of this anthology series that celebrates immigrants includes an episode based on Twin Cities chef Jamal Hashi's attempt to bring camel-on-a-stick to the Minnesota State Fair. The writers clearly didn't spend much time in the state; Little Mogadishu looks like a street in suburbia and one TV reporter sounds like she just stepped off the set of "Fargo." But there are some clever local references to Kowalski's, Moorhead and even the Star Tribune. There are also some terrific jokes about our Great Get-Together, including the notion that it offers up peaches-and-cream nachos. You'll probably recognize local actor Barkhad Abdi from his Oscar-nominated role in "Captain Phillips." Friday, Apple TV Plus


'Darby and the Dead'
An odd cross between "Clueless" and "The Sixth Sense," this comedy looks at high school melodrama through the lens of a girl who, on top of the normal stresses of adolescence, can commune with the dead. Which means a popular-but-nasty classmate can still get her in trouble from the grave. It's familiar but there are some good lines. Friday, Hulu


'The Last of Sheila'

If you caught "Glass Onion" in its brief theatrical run (don't worry — it'll begin streaming Dec. 23 on Netflix), you may be curious about the mystery comedy on which it is modeled and to which one cameo appearance alludes. Written by Stephen Sondheim and actor Anthony Perkins, it's a witty puzzle that, like the "Knives Out" sequel, takes place on a cruise where snotty rich people start getting killed. Amazon Prime


'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules'
An animated remake of the live-action family comedy, which is only 11 years old, doesn't seem necessary. But the format suits the story of budding cartoonist Greg Heffley, the voice cast is inventive and the messages still land: Parents aren't so bad, friends shouldn't be taken for granted and older brothers may do you wrong but, ultimately, there's at least a chance they'll have your back. Friday, Disney Plus


'Mr. Saturday Night'
A subscription to the streaming service BroadwayHD is the perfect holiday gift for theater lovers. For about $12 a month, you get access to both classics and fairly new productions, including this Billy Crystal vehicle that gives the comic a chance to salute his Borscht Belt heroes. His character, washed-up comedian Buddy Young Jr., isn't nearly as caustic as he was in the 1992 movie, which may explain why the film was a bust and the musical earned five Tony nominations. Crystal's affection for old-school comedy is contagious. broadwayhd.com