Q: My wife and I have been watching "Maigret" starring Rowan Atkinson. Is it filmed in France? Also, the show has a beautiful theme song sung in French by a female artist. Can you tell us the name of the artist, the name of the song and who wrote it? I have also run across an earlier rendition of "Maigret" starring an actor named Gambon. Can you tell us anything about that series?

A: So many questions, and you are not the only one asking about the TV tales based on books by Georges Simenon about French detective Jules Maigret. First, after two seasons totaling four movie-length productions, the Atkinson "Maigret" has nothing else in the works. Of course, Atkinson ("Mr. Bean," "Love Actually") has plenty of other things to do. His latest secret-agent comedy, "Johnny English Strikes Again," made its way to DVD and Blu-ray in late January.

Although set in France, this "Maigret" was shot in Hungary. The music — which as far as I can tell has no special title — was written by Samuel Sim, with vocals by Tracy Kashi. They also worked together on music for "The Halcyon."

Michael Gambon played Maigret in a 1992-93 TV version. Gambon's other credits include the great "The Singing Detective" and succeeding Richard Harris as Dumbledore in the "Harry Potter" films. Harris, by the way, also played Maigret, in a 1988 TV movie. Other screen Maigrets include Jean Gabin and Charles Laughton.

'Sinner' second season situation

Q: My wife and I saw the first three episodes of the second season of "The Sinner" and we were hooked. Then it disappeared. Even on On Demand, all we can find are those three episodes. Any idea where it went, or is it coming back?

A: The second season consisted of eight episodes, which premiered on USA last August and September. Those episodes are available on Amazon, iTunes and other services. You can find out more at www.usanetwork.com/thesinner/cast. The first season is also available on Netflix, DVD and Blu-ray.

'People's Choice' now in November

Q: Did I miss "The People's Choice Awards"? I thought they were in early January. I don't recall seeing any ads for the show.

A: The awards are now in a new location — E! — after more than 40 years on CBS. CBS traditionally aired the show in January, but E!'s first telecast of the awards was in November. Still, if you really need to see a show that called "The Spy Who Dumped Me" the best comedy of 2018, you can see the entire program streaming at eonline.com. (You need to use your password for your cable or satellite provider.)

Where's my 'Child Support'?

Q: I'm wondering about "Child Support," which hasn't aired for quite some time. I hope this interesting show is returning because I miss seeing those "smart kids." They make me laugh.

A: The ABC game show has completed its 10-episode second season. No word yet on a third.

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