Q: I read that "Designated Survivor" will not be renewed for another season. This is perhaps one of the best programs ever. What can I do to support its return?

A: ABC has an online section at abc.go.com/feedback where you can send comments about programs. But I question whether that will do much to get this show a third season.

Ratings had dropped from the first season to the second. Variety also noted the show had undergone off-camera turmoil, including several changes in showrunners. That included changes in the creative direction, which, TVLine reported, left ABC concerned about its direction going forward. And, under star Kiefer Sutherland's contract, Variety said, the show had to move from Toronto to Los Angeles for the third season, which would have driven up costs for a show that was on the higher budget end for broadcast dramas.

'Killing Eve' back, someday

Q: What happened to "Killing Eve"?

A: There were only eight episodes in the first season of the thriller starring Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh, and BBC America showed them all. But a second season was ordered even before the first one premiered, so you'll have a chance to see more somewhere down the road.

You've seen the last of 'Last Man'

Q: My husband and I were disappointed to hear that Fox's "Last Man on Earth" has been canceled! We loved Will Forte's wacky humor! Any hope for a revival?

A: Not at this point. Ratings doomed "Last Man." As Deadline reported, the series "quickly established a cult following but was never able to grow beyond niche appeal." It almost ended a year ago after three seasons, but was spared by a last-minute renewal, Deadline said.

Since the makers of the show knew that the fourth season could be the last, why end on a cliffhanger? Forte told EW.com that it was meant in part to make it tough for Fox to cancel the series. (That's a tactic other shows have tried, not always successfully.) Still, even before the bad news came, he said, "I have no hard feelings if they do cancel the show. It's a business, and you've got to get certain ratings."

'Broadchurch' closes its doors

Q: I was wondering: Will "Broadchurch" on Netflix have a Season 4?

A: No. The drama starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman ran for three seasons and inspired a short-lived American version, "Grace­point." But three seasons were all series creator Chris Chibnall chose to make, telling Radio Times "there will be no more, absolutely."

A tangled web

Q: There was a movie about a spider invasion of a small town. When the camera pulled away at the end, the town was completely covered in spider webs. Any idea what this one is?

A: That is "Kingdom of the Spiders," with William Shatner, from 1977.

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