Q: I just finished watching "The Killing" on Netflix. I was wondering: Was that only a four-season series, or are more coming?

A: There are no plans for more at this time. After three seasons on AMC, the series made a short fourth season for Netflix, which concluded the series.

Statler Brothers salute westerns

Q: We were watching some old westerns on TV. A song I heard had lyrics that went something like this: "Whatever happened to Randolph Scott riding the trail alone?" Where did it come from?

A: You are remembering the Statler Brothers hit "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott." It was a tribute to western-movie stars and a complaint about the state of modern movies. Part of the chorus goes: "Whatever happened to Randolph Scott/Ridin' the trail alone/Whatever happened to Gene and Tex/And Roy and Rex, the Durango kid/Oh, whatever happened to Randolph Scott/His horse, plain as can be/Whatever happened to Randolph Scott/Has happened to the best of me."

'Mountain Men' to climb in June

Q: Can you tell me when "Mountain Men" will be back?

A: The series begins its fourth season on the History Channel June 18.

'Cake Boss' will bake again

Q: Could you please tell us when Buddy — the "Cake Boss" — will be back on TLC?

A: The show starring Buddy Valastro will be back, although I do not have an air date yet. According to TLC, it will first be shown overseas as part of its new distribution deal, then find its way onto TLC in the U.S.

'White Collar' finale

Q: Could you tell me what has happened to "White Collar"? Did I miss the ending?

A: The USA Network series had its final new telecast, called "Au Revoir," in December. A Google search of "White Collar series finale" will yield recaps if you want to know the details. (I am trying not to spoil it for you here.) USA Network also has the finale on its website. You can also find it streaming on Amazon.com and iTunes. And the entire final season is now on DVD.

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