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Q: I really enjoyed a show called "Death in Paradise." Any idea if and when it will return?

A: There will be more of the series about a British lawman working on a Caribbean island. In its third season, it made the transition from star Ben Miller, who decided to depart the program, to a new main character played by Kris Marshall. Some fans did not like the way the change was made on the air, but it worked well enough that a fourth season is in the works. But while it's due for telecast in Britain beginning this month, and should come to the U.S. sometime later, I don't know when exactly the new episodes will air here.

Reliving "Summer of '42"

Q: I really want to see "Summer of '42" again, but it hasn't been shown on TV to my knowledge in years. It is not available to rent and is prohibitively expensive to buy. Any suggestions?

A: The 1971 drama starring Gary Grimes and Jennifer O'Neill is available if you do a little looking. Instead of offering it through retail stores, Warner Bros. has made it available as a DVD-on-demand offering, and it costs only about $13. You can find it for sale online at Amazon.com and www.wbshop.com. It is also available in a digital version, for rent or purchase via Amazon.com and for purchase on iTunes.

Falling out of Favor

Q: I have been following the reruns of "Rawhide." I wonder if Gil Favor, played by Eric Fleming, was in any other movie or TV show.

A: From what I can find, trail boss Gil Favor was a character only on the long-running TV western. As for Fleming, before "Rawhide" he had acted in movies and television, including the film "Queen of Outer Space." After he left "Rawhide," he appeared in the Doris Day movie "The Glass Bottom Boat" and was set to star in a production called "High Jungle." While working on that film in Peru in 1966, he fell from a boat and drowned. He was 41.

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