His prerogative

With its subject matter on board as an executive producer, "The Bobby Brown Story" could have been scrubbed and sanitized, but like "The New Edition Story," this four-hour follow-up doesn't hesitate to expose some of the R&B star's sins, which include cheating on wife Whitney Houston and contributing to "Ghostbusters 2." The second part of the film, which features some terrific re-creations of Brown in concert, is at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

8 p.m., BET

The bulldog

Around these parts, Fran Tarkenton is best known for sporting a Vikings jersey. But the new documentary "Scramblin' Fran" focuses on his decision in 1957 to commit to the University of Georgia over Georgia Tech and Auburn.

8 p.m., SEC Network

Get your motor runnin'

Yes, some familiar faces pop up in the "Sons of Anarchy" sequel "Mayans M.C.," and no, I won't tell you who. Have you seen what these dudes do to rats? What I can say is that Kurt Sutter hasn't deviated much from the formula that made "SOA" a cult sensation, which means the ride is brutal and often brilliant.

9 p.m., FX

Neal Justin