Show me that smile again

Spend your Thanksgiving holiday with the Seaver family by devouring every single episode of “Growing Pains,” the sitcom that temporarily made Kirk Cameron a teen heartthrob. Leonardo DiCaprio joined the cast in Season 7, but since the 166 episodes are being presented in order, you won’t see the Oscar winner until deep into the weekend.

Starts at 7 p.m., Antenna TV

Doubling down

Former “Good Burger” castmates Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunite for an episode of “Double Dare,” the long-running game show featuring trivia and sloppy stunts. It should be good, messy fun, although I’d personally rather see Thompson host a one-hour version of “SNL” favorite “What’s Up With That?”

7 p.m., Nick

Fun for foodies

The latest cooking-competition series, “Final Table,” is more about bragging rights at the next James Beard Awards after-party than collecting a big prize. In each episode, chefs square off with a different country’s cuisine on the menu. It may not be the most dramatic entry in the genre, but it’s custom-made for those whose palate extends beyond the International House of Pancakes.

Now streaming on Netflix

Neal Justin