Birds of a feather

If “Broad City” had been animated — and starred a couple of birds — it might have looked a lot like “Tuca & Bertie,” a new cartoon from many of the same folks who bring you “BoJack Horseman.” “Tuca” isn’t as layered, or as inspired, as that current classic, but Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish, who provide the voices of the inseparable gal pals, are as lively as the upbeat opening credits.

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Lawyer in love

TCM’s monthlong tribute to Paul Newman will give classic-movie fans plenty of opportunities to re-watch some of Old Blue Eyes’ most celebrated work. But don’t ignore neglected gems like 1959’s “The Young Philadelphians,” in which Newman plays an attorney with more than a murder case on his docket. The film would earn Minneapolis native Robert Vaughn his only Oscar nomination.

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Shooting blanks

The judges in the new game show “Flinch” think it’s hilarious to put contestants through various forms of torture and see if they freak out. It’s not. The segment in which the “victims” are shot at with a paint gun left me flinching for all the wrong reasons.

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Neal Justin