Chasing Amy

Amy Schumer's act hasn't varied much since she last performed in Minneapolis in April 2016. In "Amy Schumer: The Leather Special," taped in Denver, the Peabody Award winner is still mining most of her material from sexual relations and body images. There is a moment, however, when she addresses gun control. The bit doesn't go over as well as her pining for Bradley Cooper, but those who wish Schumer would challenge herself more will be encouraged.

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New rules

"Survivor" returns to Fiji for the third time — but with some slight rule changes. The 34th season, subtitled "Game Changers," features past cast members adapting to a more random scattering of immunity idols and a new voting system that's about as confusing as trying to build a roaring fire out of sand pebbles.

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Music to our ears

"Underground" kicks off its second season with a couple of big names — but you'll only hear their voices. Both Beyoncé's "Freedom" and John Legend's "In America" are part of the soundtrack. While it's a little weird to hear contemporary songs in a series set on the brink of the Civil War, there's no denying that the tunes help churn the action. Legend, an executive producer of the show, will appear in the flesh later this year as Frederick Douglass.

9 p.m., WGN America

Neal Justin