Time bandits

If Adam Pally really wanted to do something worthwhile with his time-travel abilities, he'd turn the clock back to 2013 and try to keep his super sitcom "Happy Endings" from being canceled. For now, "Making History" will do. It's decent fun watching Pally and his amiable partners bounce back to the cusp of the American Revolution and the Al Capone era as if they're just enjoying happy hour at a hot new bar. But the trips fall just short of being excellent adventures.

7:30 p.m. Sun., KMSP, Ch. 9

The universal language

Superstar Yo-Yo Ma won't be at Orchestra Hall until June 13, but you can catch him in "The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble," a finely tuned documentary about the cellist's experimental collaboration with musicians around the world. You don't have to be a classical music fan to appreciate Ma's gifts as a storyteller and a humanitarian conveying a message of unity through art.

7 p.m. Mon., HBO

New rules

"Survivor" returns to Fiji for the third time — but with some slight rule changes. The 34th season, subtitled "Game Changers," features past cast members adapting to a more random scattering of immunity idols and a new voting system that's about as confusing as trying to build a roaring fire out of sand pebbles.

7 p.m., WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin