Trash talk

It's hard to forget you're watching "Harlots," a battle-of-the-brothels drama set in 18th-century London, when the tarted-up characters keep spitting out the title as an insult every few minutes. Even the presence of Oscar nominee Samantha Morton as one of the rival madams can't lift this poorly written show out of the gutter into campy fun.

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Perfect strangers

"The Amazing Race" is heading into blind-date territory. For Season 29, the pairs will be made up of complete strangers. The show experimented with that twist in Season 26, but this is the first time it will apply to all 11 teams. The starting time for "Race" was moved up almost three weeks to replace the lowly rated "Training Day," which would probably not be returning anyway due to the death of star Bill Paxton.

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Newman's own

Paul Newman was almost always good, but when he was bad, he was better. "Hud" (1963) offers the matinee idol at his most despicable, an egotistical rancher who abuses his father and housekeeper (Patricia Neal in an Oscar-winning performance). This isn't one of Newman's most heralded films, but it should be.

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Neal Justin