Playing make believe

Jenna Elfman's hippy-dippy act has had a hard time finding a home since "Dharma & Greg" ran its course. Her latest, "Imaginary Mary," may come the closest to playing to her strengths. She's a PR specialist who revives a make-believe character for support when a relationship with a new beau gets serious. The cartoon buddy wears out her welcome after about 31 seconds, but Elfman is plenty animated on her own.

7:30 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

The heat

Melissa McCarthy is barely in "Nobodies," but her presence looms large in her production's company's new sitcom about a group of comedy writers trying to climb the showbiz ladder after an ex-improv partner (you know who) makes it to the big time. The stars, McCarthy's real-life buddies, are charming goofballs, especially while they're toiling away at an animated series called "The Farteltons," but a little too stupid to be credible. McCarthy, who makes a cameo a few episodes in, might want to give the characters a few more IQ points in the second season, which has already been guaranteed.

9 p.m., TV Land

By George!

For another look at the not so melodic side of La La Land, check out the Season 2 premiere of "Lopez," an underappreciated attempt by George Lopez to poke fun at his "has-been" status. Lopez once again shows he's a good sport by sending himself up as an emotionally distant, ego-driven comic. He's even more generous in letting relative newcomer Hayley Huntley get the best lines as his (justifiably) overwhelmed manager.

9:33 p.m., TV Land

Neal Justin