Your biggest fan

When "American Idol" inevitably returns, producers may want to consider recruiting Yvette Nicole Brown as a judge. The "Community" veteran may not be a recording star, but the enthusiasm she shows as host of "Cosplay Melee" would drive Simon Cowell insane. Other than her cheerleading spirit, this one-time special is just a low-rent version of "Face Off" with a measly $10,000 prize.

9 p.m., Syfy

Penny for your thoughts

Prentice Penny, a behind-the-scenes force on "Insecure" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," is all too eager to have some camera time of his own in "Upscale With Prentice Penny," a showcase for its energetic host disguised as a style show. The tips on cooking, dressing and wooing are nice, but you'll spend most of the half-hour wondering how long before Penny has a sitcom of his own.

9 p.m., TruTV

Music class

"Teachers," the series about what really goes on in the elementary school teachers' lounge, ends its winter season with a musical episode. Fun fact: Brown's "Community" co-star Alison Brie is one of the executive producers.

9 p.m., TV Land

Neal Justin