Did you see last week’s special on the making of the “Duck Dynasty” musical? Now get ready for the return of the TV series. In the Season 8 premiere, the Robertson family throws an engagement party for John Luke, Mary Kate and her parents to bring the two families together. Before the party, Willie and the boys take John Luke golfing to give him some invaluable marital advice. 8:30 p.m. A&E

You wear it well

In the Season 5 premiere of “Suits,” Donna makes adjustments while now working for Louis, who is sure she will return to working for Harvey. Rachel and Mike debate how and when to make their big reveal. And you thought lawyers were dull. 8 p.m. USA

Beautiful losers

After finishing in second place, a music director insists on keeping his team’s routine the same except he wants them to practice putting on sexy faces on “Sing It On.” What happened to singing and dancing? Oh, this so isn’t “Glee.” 8 p.m. Pop

Jon Bream