Head of the class

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias lives up to his nickname in a warm hug called "Mr. Iglesias." In the sitcom, the veteran stand-up plays a schoolteacher who uses his classroom to practice his comedy routines, much to the delight of his underdog students. Iglesias is no great actor, but neither was Gabe Kaplan, and "Welcome Back, Kotter" worked just fine. So does this.

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Safe travels

Children too young to even watch the opening credits of "Game of Thrones" can safely sign up for the animated adventures of "The Bravest Knight." Minnesotan T.R. Knight is among the actors lending their voices to this amiable series in which the comic sidekick is a purple troll that will probably grow up to be Grimace, and the Wickedest Witch of the Kingdom earns her title by gently lowering her victims into a ­shallow pit.

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That's life

"Life in Pieces" won't get the send-off "The Big Bang Theory" did, but for four years this finely tuned series proved to be as clever, and endearing, as any network sitcom in recent memory. Too bad more viewers didn't notice. CBS gave the show only 13 episodes in what turned out to be its final season; the last two air this week.

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Neal Justin