OK, then

“Fargo” viewers won’t be surprised when heroine Gloria Burgle (Carrie Coon) reveals in Wednesday’s season finale that her idea of paradise is a deep-fried candy bar at the Minnesota State Fair. What’s surprising is this cycle ends up being tidier and more conventional than the past two. Creator Noah Hawley seems to have reserved his big swings this year for FX’s “Legion.” That doesn’t mean “Fargo” has been a yawn. Twists and turns abounded right up to the very end, and Coon and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, as a revenge-seeking bridge player, are certain to be Emmy contenders.

9 p.m. Wed., FX

Cheeky monkey

If British comic Tommy Mait­land, host of the rebooted “The Gong Show,” looks familiar, that’s because he’s played by Mike Myers. But the comic actor isn’t winking at the camera; he’s channeling Andy Kaufman’s Tony Clifton more than Austin Powers. The show isn’t much different from the 1970s original, which means it’s perfect for those who think a couple spitting banana pieces into each other’s mouth is just as entertaining as some teenager belting out a Whitney Houston song.

9 p.m. Thu., KSTP, Ch. 5

Fog machine

There was a time when any TV adaptation of a Stephen King story merited attention. These days, however, the horror genre is jam-packed with spine-tingling tales, which makes “The Mist” nothing more than a light fog. Skip this miniseries and save your energy for the big-screen adaptation of King’s “The Dark Tower.”

9 p.m. Thu., Spike TV

Neal Justin