The kids are alright

"MasterChef Junior" does a nice job of showing off the kinder, gentler side of Gordon Ramsay. More important, it puts the spotlight on talented kids who are rewarded for being decent and nice, a rarity on television. 7 p.m. KMSP, Ch. 9

Get smart

It would have been easy for "Edison" to simply tick off the long list of Thomas Alva Edison's achievements. But like most "American Experience" documentaries, the filmmakers go deeper, presenting a complicated, flawed genius who had plenty of help along the way. 8 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Checking in

Former Minnesotan Gordon Schaeffer enters a "Hotel Showdown" when he shows off his hip, trendy Luxx Hotel in Santa Fe, N.M. The winner gets $25,000, which by reality-competition series standards is the equivalent of a free buffet at Red Roof Inn. 8 p.m. Travel Channel

Neal Justin