Pep-less rally

"Death of a Cheerleader" was the highest-rated TV movie of 1994, due largely to the inventive casting of Kellie Martin — her generation's Melissa Gilbert — and then-tabloid queen Tori Spelling. This unnecessary remake won't generate the same interest, although Martin stops by to play an FBI agent befuddled by a high school murder.

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Letter perfect

"The ABC Murders" takes liberties with Hercule Poirot's final case, which outraged some fans when the three-part miniseries originally aired in England. But I'm guessing Agatha Christie would have been delighted with screenwriter Sarah Phelps' take, especially the way she reveals the secret past of the aging detective, portrayed by a down-in-the-dumps John Malkovich.

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Paper doll

In "Russian Doll," Natasha Lyonne finds herself trapped in a demonic version of "Groundhog Day," reliving her death over and over again during a coke-infused birthday party. Amy Poehler is credited as the story's co-creator, but you'll have a hard time finding the "Saturday Night Live" veteran's voice in this Debbie Downer.

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Simply the best

Late-night host James Corden takes a prime-time shift as host of "The World's Best," the latest reinvention of "American Idol." The series has landed the coveted spot following the Super Bowl, which guarantees a lot of early interest. To hear from Corden and the judges panel, which includes Drew Barrymore and Faith Hill, see Sunday's Variety section.

9 p.m. Sunday, WCCO, Ch. 4 (starting time will depend on length of the football game)

Neal Justin