Tears of a clown

Filmmakers often use documentaries to work out issues with their parents, a tradition carried on by Lorenzo Pisoni in “Circus Kid,” a not-so-poignant look back at his relationship with his father, Larry Pisoni, the founder of the Pickle Family Circus, who helped prepare Bill Irwin and Geoff Hoyle for stardom, but nearly destroyed his bond with his impressionable son. The clips may not inspire you to run away with the circus, but you may end up hugging your dad a little tighter than usual.

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Journalist of the year

Despite guest appearances from producer Tina Fey, “Great News” probably won’t be renewed next season. That would be a shame, if only because it means less time with Andrea Martin, who shines in two new back-to-back episodes as the anti-Scrooge of the newsroom and the scourge of the human resources department. If “Great News” does fold, let’s hope Martin soon headlines a sitcom of her own.

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Wiiging out

Kristen Wiig, who should be included in any list of top 10 “Saturday Night Live” veterans, talks about her new film, “Downsizing,” as well as her breakout performance in “Bridesmaids,” during “Inside the Actors Studio.”

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Neal Justin