An expendable

Jean-Claude Van Damme has been spending his golden years sending up his action-hero status, most notably in the critically acclaimed comedy, JCVD.” The Muscle from Brussels pushes the joke a bit too far in “Jean-Claude Van Johnson,” a new series in which the actor revives both his career as an actor, swinging away in a ridiculous adaptation of “Huck Finn,” and as an undercover operative, madly in love with his handler. Neither persona packs much of a punch (Van Damme’s acting skills are, um, limited), but it’s a hoot to watch Phylicia Rashad, aka Clair Huxtable, flex some muscle of her own as Van Damme’s no-nonsense agent.

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Following yonder star

Mehmet Oz sets aside his stethoscope to serve as grand marshal for the “Hollywood Christmas Parade,” an annual event that tries to pull off the holiday spirit without a fleck of snow. The celebrity list is less than bountiful, unless your idea of a holly, jolly Christmas is catching up with “Leave It to Beaver” cast members.

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The beasts within

“Ultimate Beastmaster” is “American Ninja Warrior” on steroids with international athletes, including Minnesota’s Kyle Soderman, navigating one complex obstacle course after another. The competition gets a bit repetitive, but the trash talk between color commentators rooting on their respective countries never gets stale.

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A never-ending story

Before penning the Oscar-winning lyrics to “La La Land” and securing a Tony for “Dear Evan Hansen,” Benj Pasek and Justin Paul were warning audiences about the inherent dangers of receiving a Red Ryder air rifle. Their score will be on display during “A Christmas Story Live,” a star-studded live version of the 2009 Broadway production, based on the 1983 movie.

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Neal Justin