I will survive

If the epic Grateful Dead documentary "Long Strange Trip" still has you dancing in the aisles, check out Bob Weir's sit-down with Deadhead Dan Rather on "The Big Interview," followed by an episode of "Classic Albums" that grooves on the Dead's recordings of "Anthem of the Sun" and "American Beauty."

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Great American hero

Patrick Warburton was so winning as "The Tick" during its short-lived 2001-02 season that it's hard to imagine anyone else donning that blue suit and super-annoying optimism. This new version avoids direct comparisons by putting the focus on the hero's wary sidekick (Griffin Newman). As for the title character, Peter Serafinowicz is a more than adequate replacement, bringing just the right combination of Superman and Dudley Do-Right. Those who prefer their comic-book adventures with a heavy dose of sly humor will be tickled pink.

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Stranger in a strange land

"Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face" gives a wider audience the opportunity to meet this rising comic, who makes observations about life in the big city from his perch as a small-town Idaho kid with a Mormon background. Hamilton performed at Acme Comedy Co. in February; if this special takes off, expect ticket demand to soar next time he swings by.

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Neal Justin