Game of thrones

“The Story of the Royals” explores the history of the English monarchy with a who’s who of royal observers, including Minnesota-raised journalist Rebecca Jarvis. The four-hour documentary, coproduced by People magazine, will conclude Thursday.

8 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

Fit for a King

Stephen King’s dominance over pop culture continues with the second season of “Mr. Mercedes,” one of the more captivating TV adaptations of the author’s work. Give Brendan Gleeson much of the credit for making this series work. He’s terrific as a retired detective who just can’t seem to put his most haunting case to bed. Jack Huston joins the cast.

9 p.m., DirecTV/AT&T


Now you can play “Jeopardy!” whenever you want — and we’re not talking about blowing the dust off the cover of your box set. Hulu has picked up repeats of the most popular quiz show of all time with specially curated collections that revolve around “College Championships” and “Kids Week.” Superfans can indulge in watching the rise and fall of host Alex Trebek’s mustache.

Now streaming on Hulu

Neal Justin