The killing season

The small screen may be overrun with serial killers, but "Mindhunter" manages to stand out as the best of the bunch. That's what happens when a talent like David Fincher is on board. The acclaimed director behind "Zodiac" and "Seven" shot the first three episodes of the second season, which focuses on the Atlanta child murders that terrorized Georgia from 1979 to 1981.

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Food for thought

No one has feasted on jokes about food quite as successfully as Jim Gaffigan. He keeps up the tradition in his latest stand-up special, "Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time," musing on everything from the French obsession with cheese to the intimidating nature of cannibals. Hot Pockets, however, are not on the menu.

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Second opinions

The New York Times' mission to transfer some of its most popular columns to the small screen continues with "Diagnosis," a new series in which writer Dr. Lisa Sanders uses crowdsourcing to help figure out medical cases that have left even doctors at the Mayo Clinic scratching their heads. It's "House" without the snark.

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Neal Justin