Criminal injustice

With Ken Burns' new "Country Music" series due in September, it's as good a time as any to revisit the documentary filmmaker's classics. It's been exactly 30 years since five black and Latino teenagers were wrongly arrested in the Central Park jogger case. PBS marks the grim anniversary by rebroadcasting Burns' 2012 documentary "The Central Park Five," which chronicles the famous case from the teens' perspective.

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Subscription bait

Fresh off the release of his hit horror movie "Us," Jordan Peele returns to the small screen to executive-produce a new "Twilight Zone" reboot for CBS All Access. Peele also plays the part of the narrator — yes, the same well-dressed character covered by "Twilight Zone" co-creator Rod Serling in the original 1960s-era series. Turns out, Peele grew up revering Serling for the way he threaded the suspenseful series with Cold War America's social ills.

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Big family of little people

"7 Little Johnstons" follows a normal Georgia family — two parents, five kids — who all have dwarfism. Kicking off its sixth season, the reality series finds the Johnston kids all in their teens, with 18-year-old Anna heading off to college. The season's first episode captures the family hosting an epic Halloween bash.

9 p.m. TLC