On the road again

For the ninth time in three years, Conan O’Brien is a road act. In “Conan Without Borders: Italy,” the host travels with producer Jordan Schlansky, the unintended master of deadpan comedy, to Chianti wine country and the set of the country’s popular soap opera, “Un Posto al Sole.”

9 p.m., TBS

It’s just that simple

One of the reasons “America Inside Out With Katie Couric” works is that its host isn’t afraid to ask naive questions, a trait too many of her male counterparts are too cocky to adapt. Her approach is effective in tonight’s series premiere, which looks at the future of statues and schools that commemorate leaders of the Confederacy, and next week’s focus on how Muslims are treated in this country. That episode includes a short feature on Dr. Ayaz Virji, a physician in Dawson, Minn.

Good fellas

“Staten Island Hustle” comes across as the Sopranos taking over “Shark Tank,” with real-life buddies wheeling and dealing over piles of pasta. In the series premiere, the amiable bunch tries persuading pizzerias to buy a machine that will bring New York water to their dough while the show’s alpha among alphas tries pitching a salad product that would make Bugs Bunny’s stomach churn.

9 p.m., CNBC

Neal Justin