Who better to celebrate April Fools' Day than Larry, Moe and Shemp? "The Three Stooges" marathon consists of 67 episodes (27 hours) that showcase the antics of the highly physical comedy team that could never resist a good boink on the head. All day, Antenna TV

Dress for success

John Travolta hasn't really wowed fans for quite a few years. In fact, for anything really memorable, you have to go back to 2007, when he donned a dress to play Edna Turnbald in "Hairspray," a delightful musical based on John Waters' work. 7 p.m. E!

Raise a glass

James Watt and Martin Dickie, owners of BrewDog, the fastest-growing brewery in the United Kingdom, return for a third season of bar hopping in "Brew Dogs," a series that will take them this year from Scotland to Brooklyn. Let's hope they have a designated driver. 9 p.m. Esquire Network

Neal Justin