Late Friday afternoon my colleagues and I arrived at the Hillside Middle School in Manchester. We had taken a much needed lunch break after canvassing in the frigid weather and were excited to work the Hillary rally. For days we had been calling voters to inform them of the event; our work created a list of over one thousand potential attendees. Additionally, our hard work paid off: more than one thousand people attended making this event the largest Hillary rally in New Hampshire yet.

Witnessing the sheer number of people who came to listen was gratifying: I personally had called hundreds of voters and could see the product of my work. On Wednesday I stayed at the office inviting voters to this event instead of going with my class to a Bernie Sanders rally. The events success was attributed to my phone banking and canvassing.

Yet, like any event, there was work to be done during the event as well as prior. So I was sent out with a sign to block off a handicap and media only parking lot in front of the school.

Soon after I set up camp I glanced off to the right and was surprised to see a greyhound size bus with TRUMP painted on. Astounded I ran to my coordinator and told him the news. Apparently there had been misunderstanding between the coordinator and the Trump supporters: my coordinator was told that it was a group of artists who had bought an old Trump bus and had painted over it spelling "TRAMP" to protest Trump, but from what I could see they had put up a banner spelling TRUMP.

The coordinators could not force the Trump bus to leave, so instead they added more signs and volunteers outside to increase visibility and take attention away from the flamboyant bus. Many attendees and passersby came up to me wondering about the bus. I answered them as honestly as I could: I was just as confused and as curious as they were.

After minimal chaos and confusion, the sun went down, the Trump bus departed, and Hillary Clinton amazed her audience with powerful words, intelligence, and even a few jokes. Neither a greyhound size Trump bus nor the man Donald Trump himself can intimidate the Clinton campaign.

Rose is a sophomore at St. Olaf College studying economics and political science. She is in Manchester, New Hampshire for January studying the primary process and interning for the Hillary Clinton campaign.