Sauce vs. sauce

The Campbell's brand of 19 foil-pouched sauces — six skillet sauces, five oven sauces and eight slow cooker sauces — has grown to 22 with the addition of three grill sauces (to pour over chicken after grilling): teriyaki, Cheddar applewood bacon and lemon pepper.

Until now, with that teriyaki sauce, it hadn't occurred to Mr. Tidbit to compare the price of all these sauces to the price of somewhat similar sauces in another supermarket category.

All 22 of these sauces have the same price in the store, although it is pretty likely that some of them cost a bit more to make than others, and some of them cost a bit less to make. So in picking on Campbell's teriyaki grill sauce, it's possible that Mr. Tidbit chose a sauce that might carry a lower price if Campbell's priced the sauces individually. That said, at a discount supermarket, the 10-ounce pouch of Campbell's teriyaki grill sauce was $2.44 (24.4 cents an ounce).

At the same store, 13 of the 14 brands of 18-ounce (or so) bottles of barbecue sauce on the shelf sold for less than that per-ounce price, and nine of those brands sold for less than half of that.


When Mr. Tidbit tried a couple of years ago to describe Kemps' then-new Greek-style snack mousse (a milk-and-yogurt product), he said it felt fluffy — but creamy, not aerated. Sort of like light cheesecake. Now Dannon gives us Creamery "dairy dessert" (a full-fat Greek yogurt), with several fruit toppings. And rather than make Mr. Tidbit struggle to come up with it, Dannon calls them sort of like cheesecake, as in "blueberry cheesecake flavor."

New, not pricier

This should be no news at all, but unfortunately it's worth noting: Where Mr. Tidbit saw them, the boxes of new Hot Pockets Breakfast Bites and Snack Bites cost no more than the boxes of original Hot Pockets — and they're not smaller boxes!

More Jif

When Mr. Tidbit took note of Keebler's new Jif peanut butter cookie a couple of weeks ago, he ran out of room before he could mention a related development. Thanks to his comparative brevity this week, he can squeeze it in: Keebler's parent, Kellogg's, has introduced Jif cereal.

Al Sicherman