John Inman from Morris, Minn., sent me a note. "It was so cold my teeth were chattering … and they were still in the glass!" Thank you for keeping a sense of humor, John. Yes, when it's this cold the crime rate drops, and your garbage doesn't stink. There are other benefits.

Winter tends to bring cleaner air with less smog; good news for asthma sufferers. Better sleeping weather, less inflammation, better decision-making capabilities, calories get burned away faster and more time bonding with loved ones. Oh, and no bugs — and no whining about the humidity!

This may wind up being the second-coldest week of winter, a winter that should still wind up milder than average, overall. Highs hold in the teens and single digits; the best chance of feeling a mildly euphoric subzero burn early Wednesday, again Saturday morning. Not record-setting. Not school-closing. Just classic Minnesota Cold. As early as Sunday, 20s may return with 30s next week.

Spring is coming, and odds are it'll be milder than average. Any day now.