Secret to success: make music for kids that parents can hear for the 257th time without vowing to hunt down everyone involved and give them a wedgie so hard they’ll tiptoe for a week. The Wiggles are celebrating 20 years:

They went from student project to global fame, out-selling Kylie Minogue, but Australian children's band The Wiggles say they're amazed by their success as they prepare to celebrate 20 years.


"All we wanted was to (make) really great theatre for children, great music for children," says Blue Wiggle Anthony Field. "But it wasn't a career, we didn't want to make money from it, we had no vision to travel."


The colourful quartet, dressed in their trademark blue, red, yellow and purple high-necked shirts, are so beloved by children they can fill Madison Square Garden and reap tens of millions of US dollars in annual sales.


Their success made them Australia's most profitable entertainers for four years in a row, outstripping Minogue, Keith Urban and rockers AC/DC, and made household names of characters Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog.

That always cracked me up: Wags. Barks was already taken, was it? Well, you can’t hate them. You can’t. Dora the Explorer can induce sudden insanity (it’s the MAP it’s the MAP it’s the MAP it’s the MAP) and Barney, we know, deserves to have cement blocks tied around his neck and shoved into the LaBrea Tar Pits, but the Wiggles’ musical numbers rarely had that gooey-sweet cutesey-wootsey style you find in so much kid’s music. Their cover of “Hot Potato” is DEFINITIVE. And “Fruit Salad” sounds like middle-period Squeeze.


On the other hand . . . they also come in puppet form. Prepare yourself.


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