THE Traveler: Marla Solender of St. Louis Park.

The scene: A farmer walked along a path in the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces of Bali, Indonesia. “The small shrine, the rice farmer, the steep terracing, the immature rice plants standing in the pools of water — it all coalesced into this scene that captured the pleasure of visiting this mountainous region,” Solender wrote in an e-mail.

Destination Details: The irrigation system of the rice terraces has been in place since the 9th century, according to Solender. “The rice farmer maintains that sense of heritage as the work is still done by hand,” she wrote, adding, “The people of Bali are most welcoming and eager to show their verdant island to visitors.”

Getting the shot: Solender and her husband were resting on a footpath that took in the expansiveness of the rice fields when a farmer appeared and she was able to make this photograph with her Fujifilm X30 camera. The terracing is so steep — and she was on a high enough rise — that the lens easily took in this entire lovely, peaceful tableau. “My camera was actually set to ‘automatic’ when I captured the scene,” she wrote.

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