Acclaim is a wondrous thing, not wonderful, just wondrous, worth pondering.

So much of our life, we seek it but eventually many of us find a certain hollowness in its ring. I am wondering how Jesus felt about the Hosannas being lauded upon him on that first Palm Sunday. Did he know the way his week was going to turn out? Did he know that within in days they would all distance themselves from him?

The community that gathered didn't know where they were headed. For them he was a hero, who signified the fulfillment of God's promises. The movement was catching on. There was a significant size here, a critical mass, that could launch a turning in their world. While democracy wasn't the government of the day, nevertheless a movement could still happen among the people.

But a movement requires an organizing of the relationships, a certain connectedness, 'civic wiring' if you will. That's a big difference from just being a crowd. In fact a crowd can be the antithesis of public change. A crowd caught up in a shared thought, hope, dream, illusion, chant – blessing or danger?

There is certainly danger for the one acclaimed. If one believes this is my moment, this is my high calling revealed and acclaimed, if one believes the projected yearning for heroes is about me personally, then a crash is around the corner. Acclaim may get one a chance to wire together a movement and wiring together a movement may get one acclaim but beyond that acclaim is nothing more than a stirring of the wind at best, and, if the acclaim is believed, it becomes a threat to one's wholeness, sanity, and true fulfillment.

Beware celebrities, movie stars, politicians, athletes, preachers. Beware one's 15 minutes of acclaim. It is not worth building a life around such a goal as this.  Now building a movement… that may be a different story. What is worht building a life around?

For many of us this is the Palm Sunday week-end which begins our Holy Week…Good Friday is on its way…so is Easter…but, for today, one day at a time.

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