The discussion about the roles of a father and the roles of a son is one that begs for men to congregate in regards to the subject. Having only had the experience of being a son my perspective on this subject is a limited one. Though this may be true I would hope that it doesn't make my perception invalid only inexperienced or naive. As naive as it may be I find that a father in his role is charged with the responsibility of fostering a drive for success within the man he would call his son. A father is also charged with the responsibility of teaching his son priorities that will promote success as well as the tools to succeed and be proud and live in as well as live through that success.

So then what is the responsibility of a son? In my mind a son is charged with the responsibility to holding his father to a high standard. He is obligated to perceive his father as a great influence upon his life(Through the presence or absence of the father). That goes to say that the son is to look to the father for guidance by example or lesson learned. That goes to say that if a father makes a mistake the son should learn from that mistake and not make the same mistake as his father. A son should make a father proud to the cusp of envy. A father should wish he had the life his son leads. Lastly, a son should assist and protect the family in the absence of his father.

Father and son should exist independently and function interdependently at the same time. Learning from one another and growing through their own individual lives. No man can be his own father and no man can be his son we also haven't the power to change who our fathers and sons are. A son should know that without his father he would have never existed let alone achieved those things he has achieved and a father should know that his son has taught him things (directly or indirectly) that have made him able to survive.

So, how do you feel about it?

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