From the Star Tribune Editorial Board on Thanksgiving Day 2021:

Be thankful for the gift of every new day and the chance to live it fully. Be mindful of the many who have suffered losses that are especially painful at this time of year and reach out to them.

Be thankful that you can more easily and safely gather with family and friends this holiday. Be mindful of all the effort it took to get us here.

Be thankful for the medical providers and the public health professionals who have tirelessly battled a wily, highly infectious virus for almost two years. Be mindful that they need everyone's help to prevent their responsibilities from becoming overwhelming.

Be thankful for the teachers who have led our children through unpredictable waters during the pandemic. Be mindful that many of those teachers are experiencing exhaustion and burnout. Be kind, and let them know they're appreciated.

Be thankful to live in a nation that's capable of providing assistance — from unemployment aid to free testing and vaccinations — to help its citizens get through nearly two years of a global pandemic. Be mindful to use those resources wisely.

Be thankful that for the first time in 20 years, this nation is not at war. Be mindful of the many sacrifices made by armed forces to protect the freedoms we all enjoy.

Even — make that especially — in a time of economic anxiety, be thankful for the essential abundance of modern American life, so taken for granted that the threat of holiday gift items being delayed by supply chain snarls is the stuff of hand-wringing national news reports. Be mindful of the many who nonetheless endure genuine want and fear, in our own communities and still more so around the world.

Be thankful for police and other first responders who often risk their own lives to protect others. Be mindful that work needs to be done to reform public safety practices and rebuild public trust.

Be thankful we live in a country with free and open elections. Be mindful of those who use falsehoods to try to discredit the electoral process.

Be thankful for our new Afghan neighbors, among the fortunate ones to escape the Taliban's reconquering of the country. Be mindful that millions of Afghans — including many U.S. allies left behind — face not just oppression but a humanitarian and economic catastrophe in Kabul and beyond.

Be thankful for Minnesota's robust business community, creating livelihoods and bettering lives throughout the state. Be mindful that every entity, from state-based multinational firms to revitalized small businesses, will be called upon to leverage their success to help tackle challenges, from inequality to climate change and beyond.

Be thankful that people of good will are engaging in the task of racial reckoning. Be mindful of the price so many have paid to get us this far.

Be thankful that the fight against climate change is more and more a subject of global consensus. Be mindful that any solutions will require a willingness to make inconvenient sacrifices.

Be thankful to live in a country where — despite episodic evidence to the contrary — a range of thoughts are welcomed and discussion is vigorous. Be mindful of the undying effort required to preserve this.

Be thankful for bold ideas that aim to meet their moment. Be mindful of unintended consequences and the benefits of refinement.

Be thankful for communities that come together to support those who have been victims of hate. Be mindful that combatting the racism and xenophobia that often fuels that hatred is an ongoing process.

Be thankful for the changing of the seasons, a feature of life in Minnesota that makes each one precious. Be mindful that not all have adequate clothing or shelter to weather the winter, and consider helping out.

Be thankful for the beauty and abundance of Minnesota's natural resources. Be mindful that these gifts come with the responsibility of stewardship so that future generations can enjoy them.

Be thankful for family and friends, the warmth and meaning they bring to life, including those of whom you may have seen too little these past two troubled years. Be mindful that others live in loneliness year after year, and have no one to tell of their suffering. Reach out.

The Editorial Board is thankful for the Star Tribune's loyal readers and advertisers. We are mindful that providing quality opinion journalism that includes a range of viewpoints is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.