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Crops show signs of damage on July 2 in Northfield, Minn., due to flooding.

A defense against flooding: Healthy soil

Minnesota farmers have information to draw on and a grant program passed in 2022 to help them.
Fans of Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark tried to get an autograph during warm-ups before the Minnesota Lynx-Indiana Fever game at the Target Center

Encouraging signs for vitality in downtown Minneapolis

Caitlin Clark's first WNBA game there was a marquee event, but just one example.
The federal courthouse in Fort Pierce, Fla., where Judge Aileen Cannon presided over the case in which former President Donald Trump was accused of il

Justice not served in classified-documents case

Judge Aileen Cannon's dismissal allows Trump to avoid a trial.
Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, in the spin room after the debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in Atlanta on June 27. Trump

A political shape-shifter for VP

JD Vance is former President Trump's pick for the 2024 ticket. The ambitious Ohio senator inspires deep concern, not confidence.
Former President Donald Trump at his campaign rally Saturday in Butler, Pa., before the event was disrupted by an assassination attempt.

The campaign must, and will, go on

After an attempt on Donald Trump's life, all of us must be patient, wait for credible information, and remain willing to engage in spirited but constructive discourse about the nation's future.
Secret Service agents cover former President Donald Trump after shots were fired Saturday in Pennsylvania.

Americans must unite against political violence

The shooting at a Donald Trump rally on Saturday was utterly unacceptable.
Minneapolis Police Federation President Sherral Schmidt, center, and Chief Brian O’Hara are greeted by law enforcement supporters on July 8 after a

Again, City Council: Pass that police contract

It moves Minneapolis in the balanced direction it needs to go.
Strike Fighter Squadron 83 flies over families of pilots as it returns to NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach, Va., on July 12. The pilots returned after a n

A disturbing repercussion of military service

New findings suggest a link between Navy SEALs' suicides and a distinctive type of brain damage caused by firing their own weapons.

A Minnesota helping hand on medical debt

A landmark state law provides significant new safeguards. It shouldn't be the last word, though.
A map of existing racial covenants in Mounds View was on display at a Mounds View City Council meeting on July 8. The council voted on an ordinance th

Out with the remnants of racial covenants

Though they're long since unenforceable in housing, there's lingering damage and an effort to disavow them in deeds.
A home in Henderson, Minn., on June 27 with sandbags around it to try to prevent flooding.

The erosion of homeowners insurance

Storms are getting worse. Property insurance companies can't keep up. Homeowners are paying the price.
U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger announced June 26 that five defendants would be charged for attempted bribery of a Feeding Our Future trial juror.


Alleged Feeding Our Future trial bribe attacked one of the 'cornerstones' of democracy

Fast action by "Juror 52" and federal authorities protected the justice system and confidence in the government.
Dairy cows crowd a fence waiting to be milked in Ridgeway, Minn., in April.

New fair safeguards will protect livestock, public health

Minnesota is commendably at the forefront of requiring H5N1 testing for lactating dairy cattle headed to fairs.
Project for Pride in Living is building a new 110-unit apartment building off Lake Street to replace a Wells Fargo bank that burned down in the civil

A supply surge for affordable housing

New options open or in the works, along with funding, will make a dent in the Twin Cities area's imbalance. Keep it up.
Law change grants older adoptees clarity

Law change grants older adoptees clarity

As of July 1, those adopted before 1982 in Minnesota can access their original birth certificate.
We still have a democracy to sustain

We still have a democracy to sustain

On July 4th — as on any day — look back for understanding and ahead with determination.
Gulls follow a commercial fishing boat as crewmen haul in their catch in the Gulf of Maine in 2012. A Supreme Court ruling on a case involving deep-se

An eternal question: Who decides?

A look at last week's Supreme Court ruling abandoning the "Chevron deference," in historical and practical context.
The U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington.

Uneven immunity ruling from unbalanced court

Supreme Court hands the former president an eventual legal victory and an immediate political one.
Interim President Jeff Ettinger on the campus of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis on Aug. 22, 2023.

U's interim leader has been a careful steward

Jeff Ettinger stepped up and did the job predictably well.
President Joe Biden speaks as he participates in the first presidential debate of the 2024 elections with former President and Republican presidential

Dems must confront Biden debate debacle

Ultimately, the campaign is about the future of democracy, which the president has prioritized.
FILE -- Birth control pills at a home in Bend, Ore., Sept. 4, 2015. The Supreme Court agreed on Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, to decide whether the Trump adm

GOP, if you're 'for contraception,' show it

So far, it's one bill blocked, one merely hinted at and one that falls far short.
It's easier than you think to get scammed

It's easier than you think to get scammed

Here's the scope of the problem and what you can do about it.
Cook, Minn., is under water after the nearby Little Fork River crested following 5 inches of rain.

Step up at state, federal levels for flood relief

Minnesota has a long, honorable tradition of helping disaster-stricken communities.
People gather for a prayer gathering supporting Israel on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota on May 3 as pro-Palestinian counterpro

Complications at U's Holocaust Center

The administration was right to intervene — albeit painfully — in the search for a director.
People in West Hollywood, Calif., watch a broadcast of a presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Oct. 22, 2020.

Two candidates, 21 questions

Things we'd like asked of Biden and Trump at Thursday's opening debate.
Downtown safety captain Travion Thompson with the St. Paul Downtown Alliance picks up trash while on patrol in St. Paul on June 11.

Expand downtown St. Paul safety program

Lowertown could benefit from an effort that's effective at addressing "the signs of social disorder that make us feel uneasy."
Fergus Falls City Hall

'Why would I ever sign up for that?'

We need good people in public service, but the toxic atmosphere turns them away. All of us can help fix this.
Erik Grams stands with his damaged canoe June 13 at his home in Ham Lake. Grams was part of a fishing group that went over Curtain Falls in the Bounda

Yes, you need to wear a life jacket

Minnesota boating fatalities are off to a tragic start, and this year's wet weather has created high water and powerful currents.
Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is asking Congress to require warning labels on social media platforms that are similar to those that appear on cigar

Surgeon general right to urge social-media warning

To help kids, Congress should heed Vivek Murthy's call for a warning label.
Members of the State Legislative Audit Commission listen on June 13 as Special Reviews Director Katherine Theisen and Legislative Auditor Judy Randall

Tighten state oversight to prevent fraud

State departments need to get the basics down, as Feeding Our Future and front-line worker audits show.
On eye medicine, the 'ayes' nearly had it

On eye medicine, the 'ayes' nearly had it

One legislator put a stop to legislation expanding optometrists' scope of practice. This is worth revisiting.
Staff members of the Columbia Daily Spectator, the college newspaper, work into the night as police cleared out demonstrators from Columbia University

A step toward press freedom in schools

A new Minnesota law protects the work of student journalists in grades 6-12, but those at the college level need that, too.
Anti-abortion protesters demonstrate outside the Supreme Court in Washington on Thursday. The Supreme Court unanimously rejected a bid to sharply curt

Abortion access: Safer, but not safe

The U.S. Supreme Court rejects a dubious legal challenge to the use of mifepristone. But there will likely be other attempts to restrict access to it and other reproductive health care.
Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark signs autographs for fans before the start of WNBA basketball game against the New York Liberty, on May 18 in New Yo

Caitlin Clark belonged on Olympic team

Afraid to shake up the status quo, the selection committee passed up a valuable opportunity for advancing women's sports.
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara

Approve Minneapolis police contract, but continue to seek reform

The pay raises are important for recruiting. Added flexibility for the police chief is a step — but only a step — toward accountability.
Field corn grows in a field in Zumbrota, Minn., in May.

A Minnesota take on Mexico's election

Trade between the two is growing. More broadly, a reasonable solution to immigration is needed.
Tree Trust worker Leah O'Leary gently cuts into the root ball of an elm tree before planting it at Case Recreation Center in St. Paul in 2020.

Tree Trust's impact is deeply rooted

Twin Cities nonprofit has planted more than 700,000 trees and trained hundreds of young people to be arborists and landscapers.
A speed camera program was found by the Minnesota Supreme Court to be in conflict with state law in 2005, but a new law will allow pilot programs run

A mechanical eye on speeders? Good.

A new law puts the idea back in play. A reasonable person couldn't call it oppressive.

A heads-up for those with MNCare

Monthly bills were paused during the pandemic but are resuming for about 46,000 enrollees. Timely payment is important to prevent coverage loss.
The Minnesota State Capitol

Progress on some state education policies

School resource officers, cellphone use, absenteeism, book bans and literacy were addressed.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, former Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testifies before the House Select Subcommittee on the

Congress fumbles on COVID hearing

The nation requires a formal, serious evaluation of our pandemic response. Elected officials also need to weigh handling of influenza outbreak in dairy cattle. Neither occurred on Monday.
A bag of $120,000 in cash left with a juror in the Feeding Our Future trial, according to the FBI search warrant.

A shocking 'mob movie' bribe attempt

Alleged attempt to sway juror in Feeding Our Future trial is a further assault on public trust.
Trooper Ryan Londregan walks hand-in-hand with his wife to his first court appearance in January to answer to murder and manslaughter charges in the k

Review handling of state trooper case

The decision to drop charges is correct, no matter how it came about, but more answers are needed.
American Indian youth attended a healthcare summit Saturday to learn about careers in medicine.

A pioneering office to aid Indian health

Minnesota's Office of American Indian Health just made its debut. It's an example of the innovation needed to close shameful, longstanding health gaps.
Minneapolis police officer Jamal Mitchell, left, was photographed in a 2023 Minneapolis Police awards ceremony where he was presented with a Lifesavin

Mourning Jamal Mitchell, an officer and hero

Minneapolis police officer's exemplary ethos reflected the best of the force.
Royce White takes the stage at the GOP convention after winning the GOP endorsement. In a surprise, Minnesota Republicans back Royce White to run agai

Royce White isn't fit for the U.S. Senate

GOP nominee's troubling political, personal background has rightfully spurred a primary challenge.
Former President Donald Trump sits in Manhattan Criminal Court on May 30 in New York.

Trump's actions are the real disgrace

A New York jury delivered justice, and the former president is a convicted felon.
Former President Donald Trump speaks at the state Republican Party's annual Lincoln Reagan fundraising dinner on May 17 in St. Paul.

Trump's vaccine remarks require rebuke

At a Minnesota speech, the former president recklessly vowed to cut off federal funding for schools with an immunization mandate.
President Joe Biden, left, listens to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he joins a meeting of the Israeli war cabinet  in Tel Aviv on Oct.

Avoid a crisis over U.S.-Israel bond

Latest tragedy in Rafah reflects the need for Washington to urge a new strategy.
A World War I veteran attended a naval memorial service along Lake Street in Minneapolis on Memorial Day in 1975.

Honor the heroes on Memorial Day

Those who gave their lives in service to their country must always be remembered.

State provides parity for abortion coverage

Minnesota lawmakers took a commendable step forward this session, requiring state-regulated plans to cover a medical procedure vital to women's health.
Joseph Haj, artistic director of the Guthrie Theater, and Daniel José Molina, playing Prince Henry, work together at rehearsal for Henry IV in prepar

Guthrie's greatness deserves our support

As theater recovers from the pandemic, donors and ticket buyers can help close deficit.
New U.S. citizens take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul in 2018.

Embrace the economic benefits of immigration

Yes, the current system is flawed. But Congress should fix it to help fill U.S. jobs.
'What could be more important than reaching kids?'

'What could be more important than reaching kids?'

Thanks to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community's generosity, 10,000 copies of a book by acclaimed scholar Anton Treuer will be made available to Minnesota middle and high schools.
Anthony Edwards (5) of the Minnesota Timberwolves celebrates the team's 98-90 win against the Denver Nuggets in Game 7 of the NBA Western Conference S

It's time to howl for hoops and hockey

Minnesota's Timberwolves and pro hockey's PWHL are uniting the state despite divisive times.
The Minnesota House in session at the State Capitol in St. Paul on Saturday, May 18, 2024.

As the Minnesota Legislature raises toward adjournment (a

Minnesota's legislative session: All that acrimony, so little action

Leaders should work to fix a broken political process, starting with a special session on a bonding bill.
Rep. Kristin Bahner, DFL-Maple Grove, leads a cheer for ERA supporters outside the House chamber in St. Paul on May 15.

Let voters decide on Equal Rights Amendment

Minnesota voters can and should be trusted to weigh a constitutional measure that would safeguard abortion rights and protect historically vulnerable groups from discrimination.
Travelers navigate the Uber/Lyft rideshare area in Terminal 1 at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in March.

Legislature must solve rideshare issue — now

With threat of service shutdown looming for Uber/Lyft, the clock is ticking on an essential element of today's economy.
Rachel Hopper and her son, Espen Hopper-Willams, filled out the FAFSA form together on a laptop during the financial aid workshop at South High School

In need of student aid? Don't give up now.

Minnesota has taken steps to help those who've run into obstacles on their higher-ed journey.
Pass new pathway to become a midwife

Pass new pathway to become a midwife

If passed, this measure could bolster the ranks of Minnesota's health care workforce as concerns mount about maternity care access, particularly in rural areas.
Smoke from Canadian wildfires lingers in the air over downtown Minneapolis on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Air quality alerts are a climate change alarm

No place is immune from the threat. Minnesota clearly is not.
Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara speaks during a news conference in March about the launch of a multiyear, comprehensive recruitment campaign f

Make policing a better career choice

It's good to see more law enforcement agencies make use of a state program to aid recruits.
If implemented, the waiver proposal would allow Medicaid to pay for a set of services up to 90 days prior to an inmate’s release, “including acces

'Longer we wait, the more people will die'

Legislature should seize the opportunity to pass legislation to help those whose lives have been upended by the opioid epidemic.
Tracy Byrd, an English teacher at Washburn High School, was named the Minnesota Teacher of the Year May 5 in St. Paul.

A special spark from an inspiring teacher

Washburn's Tracy Byrd, who made a career change to get into teaching, is state's annual award winner.
HCMC staff visit Hennepin Healthcare's mobile pediatric van outside the hospital in 2022.

Pass guardrails for HCMC governance changes

Legislators are weighing legislation to require solid reasons, due diligence before any sweeping overhaul of Hennepin County Medical Center oversight. That's just common sense.
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey gives his State of the City speech to a crowd at the Northstar Center in Minneapolis on May 7.

State of Minneapolis: hope and hurdles

On Mayor Jacob Frey's annual address.
Community members gather at the Capitol in St. Paul on May 6 for American Indian Day on the Hill as the legislative session nears its end.

As Capitol clock ticks, focus on priorities

Legislators shouldn't leave St. Paul without addressing key Minnesota issues.
A Youth for Unity rally and march before an Anoka-Hennepin school board meeting on Monday, April 22, 2024, in Anoka, Minn.

Overcome objections, keep DEI on track

Leaders of Minnesota's largest school district, Anoka-Hennepin, should find common ground.
Light shines through the trees in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in February.

BWCA's future likely hinges on election

The reckless bill to rescind copper mining protections in the watershed that passed the U.S. House panders to foreign mine owners. Its fate now rests with voters.
Mayor Dave Kleis speaks with a group of attendees during a 24-hour town hall inside City Hall in St. Cloud, Minn., in February.

Kudos to St. Cloud's longtime mayor

Dave Kleis has built relationships and served the city well for nearly two decades.
UnitedHealth CEO Andrew Witty testifies before the Senate Finance Committee on May 1 in Washington, D.C. In February hackers stole health and personal

Bolster safeguards after cyberattack

A basic oversight left UnitedHealth vulnerable to hackers. Congressional action is needed to protect sensitive medical data.
Sen. Nicole Mitchell, DFL-Woodbury, listened on April 30 as GOP members spoke in favor of the motion to call for her resignation on her second day bac

In the cellar with Minnesota state Sen. Nicole Mitchell

An evenhanded process is needed for dealing with legislator behavior.
Sixth-graders Isaac Firkus, left, and James Dalbacka-Hoogenboom relax and read books in the school library at Franklin STEAM Middle School in Minneapo

State wisely mulls banning book bans

Legislation would require that key decisions be made by library professionals.
The St. Paul campus of the University of St. Thomas.

St. Thomas needs to work with neighbors

With hockey arena project looming, St. Paul university's growth is causing a parking controversy.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at a campaign rally for Donald Trump on March 16 in Vandalia, Ohio.

Kristi Noem's disturbing revelation

Killing a dog isn't normal, but the potential Republican VP candidate and South Dakota governor thinks it shows strength.