When the Vikings traded for Mike Wallace a few weeks back, people immediately wondered what would happen with Greg Jennings. The answer came quickly, when the team announced it was releasing the veteran WR, who was well-liked in his two years here but didn’t produce like a top-end receiver.

The parting was amicable, and Jennings even released a statement thanking the team and fans.

It seems as though Jennings is about to find gainful new employment. He tweeted this on Tuesday:

While Jennings didn’t leave any clues about where he is headed, Miami has been considered a possible landing spot. It would be interesting if he and Wallace essentially trade places — after both signed as free agents with the Vikings and Miami, respectively, in 2013.

UPDATE: OK, maybe Jennings isn’t really signing somewhere else soon. The whole series of tweets, which kept building throughout Tuesday night, culminated in a lame April Fools’ Day joke. Let’s all go back to not particularly caring where Jennings winds up, at least until it actually happens.

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