Anoka County sheriff’s deputies used tear gas to disperse a crowd that was partying and fighting at Lake George Regional Park in Oak Grove Friday afternoon, authorities said.

Just before 4 p.m., several callers reported that up to 300 partyers were “becoming unruly” on a park beach, where a DJ was also present, the Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Deputies found 200 people in the beach area and fights going on “in multiple areas of the park,” the release said. They called for backup from other law enforcement agencies to disperse the crowds and close the park.

Officers walked around the park to tell people that park was closing and used a public address system as well, the release said. “After time was given, many people remained and refused to leave the park, telling deputies and other law enforcement that they would not leave,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “Reports were also received of a man with a gun and that people had begun to climb to the roof of a bathroom building in the park.”

Officers then used a smoke bomb, which dispersed some of the crowd. Tear gas was then used, and everyone finally left, the release said.

Medical personnel tended to one person during the confrontation, the release said. That person was treated at the scene and was not hospitalized.

No one was arrested, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Lake George Park was closed earlier this week due to “similar issues,” the release said.