PHILADELPHIA – Timberwolves forward Taurean Prince said Saturday he was glad to be moving forward after a grand jury in Texas did not charge him with possession of a controlled substance stemming from a May 19 arrest, according to a published report.

Prince addressed the matter after the Wolves' victory on Saturday against the 76ers.

"To me, I wasn't in the wrong in the first place," Prince said. "The situation that happened was very unfortunate. Things happen, for whatever reasons they happen. I'm past it now, though."

Prince, who is from Texas, was arrested in suburban Dallas after he was pulled over for expired registration.

An officer claimed to find vape pen with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an ingredient in cannabis that can cause a high. THC is illegal in Texas. Upon a probable cause search of the vehicle, the officer also found a canister allegedly with marijuana inside, according to a police account of the arrest.

Prince, who informed the officer he had two handguns in the car, was then also charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance. Under Texas law, it's illegal to carry a gun while engaging in a criminal offense.

But according to a TMZ report Saturday, the grand jury did not charge Prince with possession of a controlled substance and prosecutors also dropped the gun charges.

When asked if he was happy the case is behind him, Prince said, "Most definitely. 100%."

Prince had expressed confidence before the season his arrest wouldn't cause him to miss any time and that he would be cleared. Prince has played in all 16 games for the Wolves this season and is averaging 8.2 points off the bench.