We hope you didn't spend your weekend replaying the missed extra point in overtime that ended Minnesota's 45-44 loss at big-underdog Maryland on Saturday night. If you haven't seen the video, we're not going to show it here.

But we are going to share this, because we suspect there's a pretty good chance it escaped your attention during the weekend's football action.

Trailing 37-21 and out of time outs with less than two minutes to play, Rutgers was faced with a fourth-and-32 situation against Indiana. Extended plays involving extended laterals are getting more and more common for teams trying to make a comeback under desperate circumstances.

Raise your hand if you've ever seen anything like this eight-lateral special.

Unfortunately, it wasn't really a touchdown. Soon after the fabulous check-it-wildly-over-my-head lateral, a review of the play showed a slightly forward lateral that (understandably) escaped the attention of the officials in real time.

The touchdown was nullified, Indiana got the ball and ran out the clock.

While the replay was in progress, one of the officials approached Indiana coach Tom Allen, who recounted their encounter with a laugh after the game: "He said 'Coach, we think one of the laterals was forward. Thank you, Jesus."

One footnote: Our hope is you didn't bet on Rutgers and take the 11 1/2 points. Bringing back the touchdown cost you the chance to tell the greatest "how I won" story of all time.